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Vệ sinh an toàn thực phẩm trong suất ăn công nghiệp là tiêu chí hàng đầu mà Hòa Phát hướng tới, nhằm đảm bảo tối đa chất lượng suất ăn của quý doanh nghiệp
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Catering Services


catering services: providing safe, high quality meals for corporate clients


catering servcies

catering services specifically for corporate clients. Qualified HACCP


Food plays a crucial part in our lives. With our expertise and experience we know how much healthy, fresh and tasty food can influence work performance. Bearing that in mind, our competent chefs and in-house specialists take pride in creating nutritionally balanced and innovative menus. This is our way of giving the customer the catering services for a well-functioning and healthy workforce.


HoaPhat’s food processing and supplying system conforms with Codex HACCP:2008 quality control system in order to strictly guarantee food safety standards. With professionally trained staff, Hoa Phat's catering services is providing safe, high quality meals for corporate clients


We are committed to:

1. Ensure quantitative commitments.
2. Production and processing of food under one-way process.
3. Goods and quality assurance, originated clear.
4. Professional Team Manager, Chef, Waiter.
5. Ensuring food safety in accordance with ISO 22000

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+84908 932 375 (Mr.Linh)